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KonCote products and application techniques are constantly being refined to produce the best, most effective long lasting results. 

Our goal: To provide a beautiful, more durable and extremely low maintenance vertical and horizontal coating system. 

KonCote Suface Products offer strength, flexibilty and durability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is KonCote?

KonCote is a polymer modified cement product that can be applied to concrete, foam, steel, stucco, EFIS and aggregate surfaces.  KonCote is a chemical-concrete with two times the strength of standard concrete.

On what type of surfaces can KonCote be applied?

Not only can KonCote be applied over most types of vertical surfaces, KonCote can be applied to pool decks, pool interiors, driveways, sidewalks, patios, warehouse floors, and more. Use anywhere that concrete, stucco, EFIS and/or tile is used.

In what colors are KonCote surfaces available?

KonCote can be custom tinted in virtually any color and colors can be custom matched.

Is KonCote Waterproof?

KonCote provides a water resistant surface and can be used in pools, around pool decks, and more. 

Is KonCote Fireproof?

KonCote's unique polymer cement surface has passed ASTM E-119, and UBC 32-7.  It has also passed the ASTM E-84-95 Flame and Smoke spread tests. 

Does KonCote replace concrete?

No.  KonCote is an excellent option for repair and resurfacing existing concrete.  It's also ideal for repairing and resurfacing concrete that is spalled, cracked or broken.  KonCote is also designed to repair stucco and EIFS surfaces. 

How is KonCote applied?

It can be sprayed or troweled. 

Can patterns be installed using KonCote?

KonCote patterns, textures and designs are easy to apply; by using templates or your own creativity.  KonCote pattens and textures are virtually limitless. 

What makes KonCote's surface better than other similar products on the market today?

KonCote can be applied just like any other synthetic stucco system, however, the strength of KonCote is unmatched.  KonCote has a  7000+ PSI compressive strength, making it stronger than the other systems.